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“So, what’s your Problem?”

I don’t have one. I lead a normal life, put my pants on one leg at a time, go out and do stuff, and sleep (I think I’m on a “block schedule”). I just need a place to be creative and write. Having a creative outlet is healthy. More people should partake in such activities.

However, there are things that are disquieting and cause unrest and are basis for some of my writing. That may confuse people into thinking that I have a Problem. Simply, I enjoy conveying my thoughts in a comically cranky manner. I find humor in most instances, even the bad and embarrassing ones. Similarly, “Comical Hypothetical” is a tool that I use often. An article on that, from Psychology Today, may be found here.

I like people who are honest, sincere, intelligent, confident, funny, creative and kind, who have a basic grasp of ethics, manners and are socially aware (e.g. don’t litter, nice to service industry workers, patient with children & elderly, etc.). I do not like ignoramuses, hypocrites, liars, manipulators, bullies or people who exhibit generally poor character.

And I don’t trust people whose teeth are too white.

And for God’s sake, wash your hands after you use the bathroom! What’s the matter with you people?!


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