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April 18, 2011 / Brittany Hendrick

Is it really that obvious?

“You’re an on-the-go person, aren’t you!” the cashier at Kroger asked me today.

I had run in there after work to grab a bag of dog food for Levin and a couple other things: a twelve-pack of beer and a box of crackers. Don’t judge! I knew I was going to be in front of the computer for a while tonight to type up recaps for some work I did over the weekend. Necessities.

“What?” I said, offering the dog food bag for the cashier to scan. Her question took me by surprise. I thought she was asking because she’d seen me go through her line a lot in the past. However, I didn’t recognize her from any time before.

“You’re an on-the-go person!”

“Yeah… I am…” I looked at her quizzically. Where was the girl going with this?

“… Why?” I asked.

“Usually women use a buggy even if they don’t have a lot of stuff. But you carried everything yourself– that big bag of dog food! That says ‘I’m busy, I just want to get my stuff and go!'”

“Oh. Yeaaahhh… well… I’m not like most ladies,” I lamented.

“Do you want a bag for the crackers?”

“Nah,” I answered, folding the bag of dog food over my arms, balancing the beer and crackers on top.

When I left the store, I was walking behind a Hispanic man carrying a vase of flowers. I don’t know what kind of flowers they were– I deliberately did not process that detail. He held the vessel a little bit away from his body, arm slightly raised, wrist tight, so the arrangement would not be disturbed.

“That’s so nice,” I thought to myself.

And it reminded me all over again that I am indeed not like most women.


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