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October 22, 2010 / Brittany Hendrick

Haunted rouse

Had a strange and stressful trio of dreams this morning. Two of the vignettes are troubling to me:

— I died– which has never happened in a dream. My death has come close in dreams– but the actual outcome was neither known nor implicated– either the scene changed or I woke up.

— I’m an oblivious idiot. Maybe. Unless stating that I’m an oblivious idiot thereby now makes me an oblivious idiot because I really am not one to begin with and the joke’s on me. Now.


As I’ve thought about these today, trying not to burble my drink all over myself in public while typing at my office (Atlanta Bread Company), I believe that the order of the dreams are not accidental; and as disparate as they appear, there is a sequential flow– full of symbolic imagery, of course.

1) A guy I know– not well, and only for a few months– was in a car with me. Just a regular-old four-door car, like a Corolla or Accord. It was nighttime. I was driving. Not sure where we were going… started out in what appeared to be a rural area. We made a couple turns and then ended up on a mountain road. I made sure to write down every direction along the way. I did this so my passenger would feel comfortable with me, where we were going, and to ensure him that I was legitimate and not kidnapping him, not taking him away to some unknown destination, that we wouldn’t get lost, etc.

As we turned on the mountain road, I pointed out a “gap” (like Cumberland Gap). Even though it was dark outside, the gap was visible. The guy acknowledged the gap. We continued driving. I don’t know where my head was, but I mistakenly assumed the guy put his hands on squarely the wheel. I said, “Oh, you’re driving for a bit now!” and took my hands off the wheel. But I was mistaken– apparently, I only imagined he was driving. We swerved into the emergency lane, almost hitting the mountainside. Loud noises from the bump-lined emergency lane and softly screeching tires were neverending and distracting as I attempted to regain control of the car. We never spun around or went sideways even though the audio suggested differently. Yet I couldn’t fully get back onto the road.


The guy thought this was great fun, while I was petrified. “This isn’t funny!” I told him. He remained unconcerned. Finally, the car flipped over a few times and crashed. The scene then cut to a piece of cardstock with a list of people who died in the accident. In red font, all capitals, with serif, was my name… as well as my sister’s and a few other people’s (?!?! where were they, in the trunk?). The guy survived.

2) My friend Leanna and I were at a party. Both of us were dressed up. I had just come from a wedding reception (but did not attend the wedding). Leanna attended neither and arrived at this party after I did. She asked me how the bride looked. Already forgetting that I was at the reception– probably by not being particularly close with the bride to begin with– I immediately answered, “I don’t know.” Then I scrunched my nose, shook my head and said, “Wait a minute, yes I do!” I described the bride (and the image of her was in my dream: strapless dress, tight bodice with large, poufy skirt; wavy light brown hair with blonde highlights, just past the shoulders, pulled up on each side; her name was Allison; seemed like a typical pageant-looking girl– conventionally pretty yet not striking; boring, standard, uninteresting).


Leanna and I chatted some more. I noticed her face was very white from powder. I wondered why she did that. Also, above her mouth she had taped a photocopy of another mouth, as if it were a moustache. I wondered why she did that, too… if it was a fashion statement. Our conversation ended and we went off to talk to other people.

3) My sister and I were in the car. She was driving, I was in the backseat. We were in Little Five Points (bohemian/artsy part of Atlanta), sitting in a bit of traffic (that’s weird).

Suddenly, my door swung open. It was the Cornish Hen. He handed me a red helium balloon, which I let loft about in the cabin. I was very surprised and happy. Then he asked, “May I kiss you?” I leaned outside the car and said, “Yes!” And so we kissed on the lips many times in a row. A few times in, I started crying, yet we continued. He’d stopped his car in the middle of an intersection, hazard lights blinking, driver’s side door left open, to give me the balloon. But now the light was green and traffic was about to back up behind him, so he left to move his car. At this moment, I noticed his hair was completely gray, as it blew in the wind.

Then I woke up.


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