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May 15, 2010 / Brittany Hendrick

Psychology Today for a better tomorrow

Two posts in one day?? Unheard of! Yeah, I have to get into the mode of being a productive writer again. I have a lot to do this month, so I wanted get this post out of the way, before May ends, so that I may begin work on my other writing stuff.

First, I feel compelled to say: when I get a little cranky about people on here, I am not referring to my friends. That’d be a no-no. If I had issues with friends, they’d know about it personally. This website isn’t THAT veiled (or juicy). And friends read this. And I’m a private person. And I don’t like trouble. Dig.


My friends may get a mention on good or funny things. But never anything malevolent. Basically, no one knows what the Hell, or who the Hell, I’m rambling about. Ever. Possibly. Hopefully. For the most part I write about non-friends, people I’ve met only once or twice, and people I don’t know at all.

One person I do know very well is myself. You guys thought I just went around analyzing other people, huh! No, it starts with me; only then am I able to apply that knowledge outside myself.

Psychology is a deep interest of mine. Well, not so deep that I own a copy of the DSM-IV… but deep enough that I’m excited about the release of the DSM-V and have been anticipating it for over 10 years. Can you believe that shit won’t be out for another three years? Did a diagnostic for “dorkiness” make it in there this time around?


My interest in sociology runs closely with psychology. Once upon a time, my mom taught both subjects to high schoolers. I think that’s why I shunned those subjects at first. Sociology sounded downright BORING, and Psychology was the class people took when they didn’t know what else to do. I seem to remember a lot of graduating seniors who wanted to go to UGA for a Psychology degree… I don’t know a one who actually got that degree and went on to become a psychologist. *shrug*

Anyway, Psychology 101 was a required course at GSU. Eh, I barely remember it. It wasn’t until I took Abnormal Psychology, when my penchant was piqued. The insight, sympathy, understanding and real-life applications I gained were immeasurable. Most importantly, I learned to look at myself in relation to my environment.

After Abnormal, I took a psychology course that focused on the brain only.  Psychology should’ve been my degree minor. But I was already too far into my intended subject, the equally worthless Marketing.

Now I continue learning about psychology (and myself) via periodicals, Scientific American Mind and Psychology Today. They’re not academic journals, obviously, and I don’t need them to be, since I’m not a student of psychology. But these magazines are excellent for providing an overview of information that pertains to life– there are things in there that everybody can use… because we ALL have a brain and a psyche. Every month, I am awestruck by a study, a conclusion, a discovery, or an item relevant to me or someone I know.


What I’d like to do every month is pick out what jolts me from Psychology Today. It has more bits-and-bobs that I can address and keep brief (brief? What does that mean? hahaha!), whereas SAM results in Pangeaic posts like this.

And what better time to implement this than Mental Health Awareness Month.

The plan was to get into it within this post. But it’s already too long, and I’m tired and going to sleep now. It’d be better to start a separate post anyway, to be uniform. I’ll probably have time to do it on Sunday.

So I’ll finish with this:

I feel that if everyone studied psychology/sociology, we’d have a better understanding on how to treat people– and on the other end of the spectrum, to lend the occasional reprieve and not be so hard on ourselves over our own psychological screw-ups! Even a basic teaching of these subjects would give relatively normal, functional people (not everyone is capable, of course) the knowledge, sensitivity and tools to develop self-awareness instead of wreaking havoc on his/her surroundings.

My favorite skit from Liquid Television:


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