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March 14, 2010 / Brittany Hendrick

Style sheet– now with 60% less scrolling!

3/16 edit: *It so happens that WordPress released a new template today. This is much better. Only two columns– but there are a header and footer, which shorten the sidebar length. Hence I’m able to reduce recent entries on the main page from five to two. My only design beef is the 1.5 space between the text lines. Oh well, what do you want for free. has the better templates, but I can’t use them because I’m not paying for my own domain.*

Trying out a new site template here, in honor of Pi(e) Day (just pretend the reason makes sense). I really like the former template because the background colors were pretty, green (my favorite color), and the organization and style were neat and clean. However, there were a few things I didn’t like: light gray text on dark background, which looks blurry; en dashes loaded as figure dashes, which made it look like I didn’t know how to use dashes properly; and the textbox width was too narrow, which made the blog entries appear much longer than they really are. On average, the entries are 1,200 words– not a lot.

So, we’ll use this template for a while. I wish I could change the background to be a little darker, and the header font is cheesy. Actually, the entire color scheme of this template is gross. And the links on the homepage are underlined; what is this, Kindergarten? But as far as readability and layout, it’s the best. Also, it’s three-column style versus the two-column style of the former template. The end result is less scrolling and less hurt eyes.

Watch the movie pi while eating pie; mine was Key Lime. Stay away from your toolbox.


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