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July 1, 2009 / Brittany Hendrick

Still on a block schedule

No writing today. Yesterday, I put a lot of energy into a piece for a [paying] job that I kind of have at the moment. It’s for a non-profit organization with a neat concept. I’ll talk about it later at some point. I wrote some copy for their website. It wasn’t lengthy, yet it took everything out of me… because I like to do top-notch work and assume that the end user’s eye is as critical as mine– even though I know that, really, the end user isn’t looking at it the same way I am.

And today I went to The Hatchery and had five vials of blood taken, with additional pokes and prods.

Ultimately, all this activity has left me very tired. The “nap” I went down for at 12:00 p.m. ended up being over five hours. So here is a cell phone photo from back in the day (two months ago), when Levin had hair. He’s with my nephew whose mother swears she didn’t name her son after Nick Saban even though she is a University of Alabama fanatic. Levin LOVES this baby. Nicholas can’t utter a sob without Levin going apeshit and alerting the universe that “his baby” is in distress.

Nicholas will be a year old in August and Levin has been in more pictures with him than I have (ZERO). Maybe someday I’ll have the privilege of sharing some camera time with this BALL OF CUTENESS!!!



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