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June 28, 2009 / Brittany Hendrick

*knock-knock* Housekeeping! Moving in from MySpace.

Who are we kidding. Hotel housekeepers never knock on the door. If they do, it’s that half-rap/barge-in move. And it always seems to happen on check-out day, while you’re still in bed. So, before you can even open your eyes and say “yes?” or “one moment,” security has been breached. At that point you think, “Forget it,” and pretend to be asleep until the interloper leaves. That’s what I do, anyway.Recently I’d been enlightened to WordPress, which is conducive to Writing moreso than MySpace. And I’d fought against MySpace for a long time as it was, because I don’t enjoy partaking in all that bullshit. I’m unemployed and don’t even have time for Status Updates and Diggs and Tweets and twats every ten minutes.

People say it’s “important,” to be a part of those social network things, but I don’t think so. How is this “importance” defined? In what context? It’s only important to a certain age/lifestyle demographic, the companies that run the networking websites and the media outlets that report on them, within the context of the Internet. Sure, they’re great for finding/keeping up with old friends– and I’m thankful for that– but I can’t say MySpace and Facebook have improved my life. Wow, those of us who were teenagers in the 90s and before must’ve been total losers. How did we ever manage to be “social” and exclusionary and “popular” and self-important and “individualistic” without the aid of social networking sites. I’ve gotten by 99% of my life without them, so I’ll be just fine throughout the future. Email is hard enough.


I’m getting off track. The only reason I relented to MySpace was for its blog feature. However, there was one thing that bogged me down, that prevented me from writing more often: Photobucket. I like to have pictures with my posts. But it was a lot of extra work to get photos into MySpace. Saving a picture to harddrive, to upload to Photobucket, to edit, to copy link, to paste to MySpace is too much back-and-forth. Photobucket’s site is slow; and when they have server issues, your MySpace blog has issues.With WordPress, I can upload a file directly from my computer. Also, I can edit pictures directly within my post– say, if I want to edit size or justification– I don’t have to delete the picture and go through the Photobucket process all over again.

No more MySpace! And no more Explorer– FireFox is the way to go.

p.s. any post that was published before today, came from MySpace. All I did was copy/paste onto here, so the formatting is messed up on some posts.


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